SUNMINDS Is A Joint Initiative Of MindBrain Solutions And Sunderji's Institutions

MindBrain Solutions is a professional centre dedicated to children and adults with Special Needs, led by a psychiatrist, Dr. Sanyogita Nadkarni. The centre provides service in different specialties like ADHD, Autism, Learning Difficulties, Behavior Problems, Social Skills Training, Teenage Counseling, Career Guidance as well as Specialized Services like Risk Assessment and Problem Solving for Adults with Special Needs.

Dr. Sanyogita Nadkarni, who is the Clinical Lead and Coordinator at MindBrain Solutions is trained in UK and is a Member of The Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCPsych), UK. Through her professional affiliations with the RCPsych(International Links) and the British Indian Psychiatrists Association(BIPA), she aims to bring the latest knowledge-base to India.

MindBrain Solutions has 6 trained psychologists and has served 350 children since its inception in 2008.

Sunderji's Institutions believe in Educating, Enlightening and Empowering young minds to develop as global citizens who are socially responsible, creative, and clear in thought, explorative with good self management and interactive skills.

They offer varied services in the field of education and training-a Kindergarten School, a training center for aspiring teachers, remedial centre and an open school for children with special needs.

The above institutions were founded by founder members, Malek Sunderji, Jena Sunderji and Zarina Sunderji and the Director Mrs. Masarrat Tavawalla. They believe that the young generation, if nurtured and provided with right education, will be the future of our nation. With every step taken forward, they have managed to give children with special needs a reason to smile, live independently and prosper academically and socially.

Sunderji's has 40 trained staff members including teachers and special educators. It has provided services to over 5000 children since 1984. At Sunderji's, growth has no limits, they keep revising their vision and pursue further goals. They believe that their work will be the signature which they will leave behind in the world.

The two esteemed institutions are coming together to deliver first rate services to children and adults.

Executive Members

Mrs Masarrat Tavawalla
Mrs. Masarrat Tavawalla
Dr Sanyogita Nadkarni
Dr. Sanyogita Nadkarni

Executive Members

Ms Jena Sunderji
Ms Jena Sunderji
Ms Malek Sunderji
Ms Malek Sunderji
Ms Zarina Sunderji
Ms Zarina Sunderji

Panel Members

Dr. Nandan Yardi
Epileptologist and Pediatric Neurologist, Pune

Dr. Archana Kadam
Developmental Pediatricians, Pune

Dr. Chaitanya Datar
MBBS, MD (Medical Genetics)
Clinical & metabolic Geneticist

Dr. Mrs. Kalyani Madke
PhD Au.D (US)
Consultant Audiologist, Member Expert Committee-Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI)

Dr. Mrs. Aparna Sadhale
M.P.T. (Paed)
Principal, DES College of Physiotherapy, Pune

Mrs. Medha Dhavale
MA P.G.Diploma in Clinical Psychology & Counseling
Senior Clinical Psychologist

Mrs. Lehnaz Umrigar
B.Sc (ASP)
Senior Speech Therapist

Mrs. Bindu Patni
Clinical Psychologist
HOD-PDH Child Developmental center KEM Hospital

Prof. S Bhaumik
OBE, FRCPsych (UK)
Medical Director, LPT Hospital.
Ex-Chair, Faculty of LD. Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK

Dr. S Gangadharan
MRCPsych (UK)
Clinical Director, LPT Hpspital, UK

Dr. Reza Kiani
MRCPsych (UK)
Consultant in Psychiatry of LD with Special Interest in Sensory Impairment,
LPT Hospital, UK

Dr. Shobha Sivaramkrishnan
MD (Paediatrics), DCH, MRCP (Paediatrics) (Ireland), FRCPCH (UK) Consultant Paediatrician at Barnsley Hospitals, UK Strategic Lead for Autism in Wakefield District, UK. Regional Co-ordinator for BACCH (BRITISH ASSOCIATION OF COMMUNITY CHILD HEALTH) Tutor for Masters in Neurodisability from Sheffield University Executive Board for PG Masters Course in Neurodisability, at Sheffield-Hallam University (SHU), LPT Hospital, UK